Agora Gallery Represented Artist

As of today, my artwork is now live on the ARTmine website for Agora Gallery in New York City. This has been in the works for about 4 months. Back in August 2022, I received an email from an art liaison at Agora Gallery.  At first when I saw this email, I was thinking wow, a New York City art gallery was contacting me about my work. I couldn’t believe it. There are probably millions of people with photography websites or photos on social media and they found me and my website and were impressed with my work. I was curious, so I decided to answer her email. They replied back, telling me about their gallery and the services they offer for artists. So I decided to submit my work for a portfolio review and see what would happen from there. After a few weeks, I was notified that I was accepted to be represented by the gallery! 

Over the next several weeks, I worked on improving my artist statement, answering their questionnaire to get to know me and what my work is about and submitting my best photos for them to choose from to go on the website.  A staff member fine tuned my artist statement and the gallery director picked my strongest photos. A handful of people at Agora Gallery worked on this to bring me to this final step of having my art page of my work on display on their website. Having my work be accepted and on display in a New York City art gallery, the center of the art world, I would never had dreamed would happen to me. Please check out my art page here on their website when you have a chance.  

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