Apostle Islands day trip

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to the south shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin. We decided to visit the Ashland/Bayfield area of the lake. I have never seen this part of the lake in Wisconsin. Minnesota has been pretty smoky and the air quality has been poor. We needed to get out of town, even if it was just for the day. It had been too long since we had been anywhere to do some photography. We made a stop along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore at the end of the day to capture the sunset. We weren’t sure what we were going to get since the atmosphere was still smoky. The sun was a huge red fireball as it was going down. I used my 400mm telephoto lens to zoom in on the sun. The island in the photo is almost 3 miles away from shore. I had no idea there were boats docked along side the island until I looked at my photos the next day. I couldn’t see them when I took the shot of the sun setting. After the sun was no longer visible, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of color in the sky and clouds. The image with the beautiful orange clouds shows what’s left of a boat dock after a storm. The waves from Lake Superior must have been pretty powerful because there isn’t much left there of the dock. The third image with the sailboat is beautiful with how the mast points to the pretty pink clouds and the horizontal lines of the harbor rock and the cloud above. It was worth driving 3.5 hours one way just to see this sunset.

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