Chasing Aurora Borealis

A few weeks ago over the Labor Day weekend, the forecast looked very favorable for the Northern Lights to be out. My boyfriend and I live in Minnesota and we like to head up north to do photography. Whenever we think the forecast looks good for clear skies and Northern Lights, we will take a chance and drive 4-5 hours. We decided to head north and go to a spot that we had camped at before and thought it would be a great place to catch the Northern Lights if they were going to appear. We were so glad that we decided to go up there, the lights did not disappoint! I have seen the Northern Lights a few times in my life, and so far, these were the best that I have seen! They started out kind of boring and then all of sudden, they went crazy! I was so excited to see what I was witnessing, I could hardly contain myself! Here are some of what I was able to capture on that Sunday night. This up coming weekend is looking favorable again for the Northern Lights and the leaves are also turning color, so we might be doing another trip to northern Minnesota.

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