Hello and welcome to my photography site!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dawn Demaske and I am a photographer based in Minnesota. Photography is my passion. It is something that I have been doing for many years. I first started shooting photos as a kid at the age of 10. I have always done some form of art throughout my life since the age of 3. Art classes were always my favorite throughout my schooling. I majored in Art and Photography in college.

I started to do photography as a kid because I wanted to capture the memory of being at some place on family vacations. I mostly took photos of the scenery and not so much of my family. Most of our vacations would be to National Parks and historical sites where you would learn something about the place. Many of the places had beautiful scenery that was like nothing I would see back home. I liked to capture the uniqueness of the landscape and I still do today in my photography.

My photography work focuses on nature and landscape, concentrating on wilderness areas and public lands. I love to capture these types of scenery at sunrise, sunset and at night. Weather and light are key to capturing the beauty of the places I visit. Not only am I looking to capture gorgeous scenery, but I am also seeking to educate and bring awareness about issues related to the environment of some of these places. It is important to me to be good stewards of our planet and leave it better than how we found it. It is important to protect what we have for future generations. That is the reason why I photograph public lands.

For this blog, I will post about my journeys and talk about the places I go to photograph. I plan on posting photos and occasionally videos. Check out my social media accounts linked at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your time in checking out my website. I hope you saw something you liked.

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