Lake Superior Sunset March 17, 2021

One year ago today on St. Patrick’s Day, I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful sunset in Au Train, Michigan. This was during a 40 day/40 night stay there along Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula. During the pandemic, my boyfriend and I were working remotely and were able to go out-of-state to work during the day and do our photography in  the mornings, evenings and on the weekends. We had such a good time during our stay and we wish we could have done a trip like that again this year. 

We had the luck of the Irish on our side that St.Patrick’s day last year. We only had to drive a couple minutes from the house we were staying in to do photography here along the shoreline of Lake Superior. There was still quite a bit of an ice shelf of snow and ice on the water and beach. We were so excited to see the sunset developing and were lucky we chose this spot to shoot. The color was awesome and we were able to shoot here for a good hour. We couldn’t believe how long the color was lasting after the sunset. It was one of the best sunsets we saw during our 40 days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  

(No luck🍀 this year of seeing a beautiful sunset like this at home.)

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